Add a card

Capture your cards via camera. Also importable from Gallery.

Add the back of card after adding a front of the card.

You can also select a bulk importing. Select a folder has some JPEG files, Carda automatically import them.

Related Cropping image

When you import cards from Gallery, "Use Cropping" setting and drag a rectangle to set an appropriate size to crop images. You can also use a wide aspect ratio of 3:5 for cropping by Settings.

Related File under the same group

If you want to add cards under the same group, The group will be set as same as the group of current viewing card. So to make or select a group beforehand make your operation quicker.

Related How to add the back later?

If you like to add the back of card later, Go to Edit. And then tap the white thumbnail and tap a replace button and take a picture of the back!

Related If you have a problem with camera,

Try "Use Legacy camera" setting. To take a photo with Legacy camera, touch the shutter icon on screen, successfully focused and then release your finger up.

Searching cards

By combination of by Date, by Group and by Tags criteria, you can narrow your search. Default condition finds all cards.

Related Sorting cards

Tap the button in the bottom to select sort type. You can select from new/old and phonetic ascending/descending.

Contact with the person

Contact for the first time, you can link a card with the person's contacts. Several info about the person are imported automatically. Name, company, title and nickname are imported to the tags field. Note and address are imported to the notes field.

Edit / Delete a card

In Edit, you can update info of the card. Tap a delete button at the bottom, the card is to be deleted.

If you like to edit the card image, tap the thumbnail first. And then tap a button you want to replace, crop the image, rotate or brighten it up.

Related Phonetic name field

If needed, you can enter a phonetic name of the person. This will help to sort cards on a search.

Related Rotate an image

You can rotate clockwise by 90 degrees.

Related Brightness correction

Executes several times, affects a lot.

Related How to bulk delete cards?

First, move to Grid view. And then check the box in the top-right of cards you want to delete. Tap trash icon to execute bulk delete.

Send a card

You can send the card image via Email, Picasa, Flickr.
*depends on apps have been installed.


App version, current status and this instructions in MISC. Use "Backup to SD" button, you can backup your data (except app settings) to bizcards_backup directory. For recovery, press "Restore" button.

Related If you want much peace of mind

After backed up, take copy of bizcards_backup directory on your micro SD / internal memory to the other storage like a USB memory.

How many cards can I add in to my phone?

Lite edition limited maximum 200 cards. Priced edition no limits, depends on your micro SD / internal memory.

Can I use my Lite edition's data on the other edition of Carda?

Absolutely yes. No need to import, export and the like because your data saved on micro SD / internal memory with Lite edition also used on Priced edition.

Where is my data?

"" directory in your micro SD / internal memory is this app's data folder.

Data structures?

If you like to change a storage path. (for advanced users)new

First, make a cardapath.txt file, and write a new ABSOLUTE PATH in it. example: cardapath.txt

Second, put your cardapath.txt in the same level as "". Do not drop it into "".

Now, this app begins to use a new path and searches If invalid path, the app cannot start. Please check a new path.

After confirmation that the app can start regularly, then copy or replace your "" to the new path. If you like to reset a storage path, delete cardapath.txt.

How to transport my data?

If you replace your phone and want to transport your data, please take copy of "" folder to the new phone's SDcard / internal memory.
Please note that do copy "" folder and all data in it.

Does app re-installation wipe all data?

No. You card's data still remains on micro SD / internal memory. If you want to wipe data COMPLETELY, delete "" directory.

How to add Carda Widget?

First, get the widget. And then add it to your home screen. Generally you can add a widget by long press an empty space on your home screen.

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